Protect your business' moveable and transportable property.

If you are working off-site, your general business policy coverage may not be enough to insure your equipment, tools, computers, and other assets. 

An inland marine insurance company typically protects:

  • Computers/computer systems
  • Tools and equipment for artisan contractors (from mobile equipment to hand tools)
  • Fine Art Dealers/Galleries 
  • Photographer's camera equipment
  • Motor Truck Cargo (covers the goods being carried by an insured trucker)
  • Transportation Form (covers goods shipped by or to our insured via common carrier) 
  • Animals (provides coverage for theft, escape, or death resulting from specific perils. Suitable for non-veterinary animal-related businesses)
  • Veterinarians (covers animals belonging to others while in the custody of the Veterinarian)
  • Vending Machine Form - used to cover vending machines (not the contents)
  • Dealers Service Form - covers equipment used by servicing contractors / installers (appliances, flooring, plumbers, etc.)