Not owning your home does not mean you should not protect it.


Don Hodson Insurance Associates Inc., are here to help you safeguard your home, whether you own it or not. Renters insurance will protect you against fire and theft, as well as other potential losses that may affect your financial and emotional happiness.

Our agents are specialized and experienced, and will walk you through the process of selecting a policy that is right for you.

Fundamentals of Renter's Insurance


Personal Property Protection

Covers loss or damage to your belongings.


Family Liability Protection

Affords legal protection and representation against judgments.


Guest Medical Protection

Guarantees protection from medical loss if a guest gets injured in your home.

Scheduled Personal Property

Scheduled personal property is a tool that allows you to purchase supplementary coverage for items not regularly covered by renter's insurance, such as jewelry and electronics.


Added Living Expenses 

Get reimbursed for temporary housing if the property you are renting becomes unavailable.